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  • Winehouse Dad Flies To Quot Tormented Quot Singer

    Amy Winehouse father has flown to Saint Lucia after the growing concern about the state of his health. The singer was reported to drink heavily to his hotel and narrowly escaped police charges after throwing a glass of water over a fellow holiday maker. Mitch Winehouse arrived for the Caribbean, the island once was the admission to get more and more concerned about the star . Ive Only Just Got Here So Its Too Early To Say Whats Going On With Amy I Need To Have A Chat With Her He Told Metro Hell Be Out There For As Long As It Takes his wife added Jane. The hotel management reported refused to serve the singer more alcoholic drinks.
    16.1.09 08:41

    Quot Housewives Quot Time Travels Back To Beginning For 100th Episode

    In a December morning, the Wisteria Lane set turned into Memory Lane. After five years in the future, Desperate Housewive dates back to its beginning and more in its 100th episode (ABC, Sunday, 9 ET / PT). Five housewives Susan Mayer (Teri Hatcher), Lynette Scavo), Gabrielle Solis Longoria Parker) and Edie Britt (Nicollette Sheridan) stand outside the house of Mary Alice Young), whose suicide open Houseware wildly successful first season..
    16.1.09 08:41

    Will Radio Play Britney Spears Quot New Single

    Some fear that could be risky for stations that have many reasons to fear the irrational and often seeks publicity FCC (who previously fined for stations l million appearance of a nipple of Janet Jackson). My problem with MacSpeech dictate and its inability to curse me to the problem immediately clued radio stations will face with Britney Spear new single, The If U Seek Amy if you try may be interpreted as a sort of juvenile mind as an abbreviation for F -- word that sounds like singing in chorus, If I try.
    16.1.09 08:41

    Young Quot Pitch A Hit With Nfl

    I asked which of her children was a better seller.. They all go out together in stages, with the boys mother that the lemonade while Leroi joined her children carrying food rack up the stairs. It was something like 1999, when LeRoi Young row of a job selling snacks and drinks Redskins, DC United and Navy football for his sons, Osama, and Yusuf.
    16.1.09 08:41

    Ohio Soldier Stands In For Bush

    Sgt. The soldier was identified in his role as a sign that hung around his neck. Cobbeldick was asked to play Bush because theyre about the same size. Bruce Cobbeldick was about to George W Bush president last weekend, as many members of the service has taken important points during a rehearsal for the presidential inauguration next week. An Army reservist who has failed in Ohio politics has had the opportunity to test the largest position in Washington.
    16.1.09 08:41

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